Prime Occasions Greats: Mojo Nixon

With songs like “Debbie Gibson’s Pregnant With My Two-Headed Love Kid,” and “Don Henley Should Die,” rock ‘n’ roll wild guy Mojo Nixon received notoriety and recognition on choice radio stations and faculty campuses, freeing a lot of albums and acting numerous displays. In an interview from his palatial downtown lodge room, Mojo shared with Judy McGuire his philosophies on existence, love and medication. The outcome used to be published within the December, 1990 version of Prime Occasions, republished right here at the instance of Nixon’s 63rd birthday August 3.

Mojo On His Mania For Mushrooms

You don’t pay attention about other folks getting hooked on mushrooms. You don’t pay attention about other folks getting arrested for mushrooms—rarely. Folks don’t consume mushrooms and check out to fly outta home windows and stuff. It’s an actual benign factor and it’s additionally herbal. When you’ve by no means carried out it sooner than you could do it 3 or 4 occasions in a month. After which possibly you received’t do it once more for 6 weeks or six months. I’ve by no means met any individual who simply stored doing it. It’s no longer like cocaine or alcohol. When you do it at the 4 issues of the compass—each 3 months—I feel each six months—iciness and summer season solstice—that’s positive for me.

All of it started with my pal Nation Dick from the Beat Farmers. He used to be all the time consuming mushrooms, however he by no means ate very many. He would consume just a bit bit and simply get somewhat bit top—simply get roughly a buzz on. Nation Dick all the time favored to mix’n’match simply as many alternative issues immediately. We’d have poker video games at his area and there’d be other folks eatin’ mushrooms, other folks be smoking pot, other folks be doin’ amphetamines, other folks ingesting…. You must see it on other folks’s faces, various things retaining court docket. At one level—he had this checkered tablecloth and nobody may just have a look at the checkered tablecloth anymore-because it had begun not to be checkered. It used to be movin’ and oozin’ and pulsin’—we needed to take it off. We needed to quilt that motherfucker up. So I wrote this track about Nation Dick and I feel the track used to be extra about Nation Dick than about me. Even though I started to imbibe closely and had some truly wild psychedelic stories. I’d in most cases consume somewhat bit after which one time I ate six grams all of sudden. Then, I used to be speaking to JESUS! And Jesus used to be a fab man! It took me a very long time to get Nation Dick to do that. I after all were given him to consume an entire bunch on an empty abdomen and actually have the head-in-the-dirt-floor factor. He used to be resisting, announcing, “Hello, let’s watch some TV.” I used to be goin’, “Guy you ain’t gonna be capable of watch that, ’reason TV’s gonna be means an excessive amount of knowledge….” Inside of ten mins from the time he mentioned that we each had our heads beneath the sofa goin’, ‘HAAWWHEEGGHAAAAAWGH!’ with dustballs all caught to our faces. There’s in fact a tape recording of it, however we needed to break it—it used to be embarrassing means past trust.

It’s the type of drug you wanna do whilst you wanna do it. You don’t do it since you’re bored otherwise you’re mad otherwise you’re drained otherwise you’re unhappy. You do it as a result of that’s what you wanna do. You assert to your self, “I’m able to consume some mushrooms.” ’Reason should you aren’t able to consume them—‚identical to with any drug—it’s roughly a drag. It has so much to do with what state of mind you’re in. When you’re making plans on consuming the entire dustballs from beneath the sofa, smartly then you’ll!

There used to be a track at the first album known as “Mushroom Maniac.” It’s the track the place I beat the plastic water jug—which isn’t truly a plastic water jug—once I beat it, it turns into a sonic love jug.

Mojo On Intercourse

We spend one thousand million bucks an afternoon to construct guns to kill other folks with after which we don’t do not anything with them. You construct a automotive and also you get some use out of it. You construct a bomb and it sits in some fucking hollow in Nebraska for 20 years and then you definitely gotta construct some other one. As a substitute of spending all our cash on nuclear bombs we will have to spend all our cash on an enormous intercourse farm in Nebraska. There, we’d train everyone the best way to fornicate higher. It’d be a a lot more at ease and happier nation. You notice some other folks strolling down the road and so they clearly don’t know the way to fuck—they don’t also have a clue. They’re very annoyed about it and so they’ve were given some bizarre anal retentive factor going, so that they’re beating their canine or beating their spouse. But when other folks would simply learn how to chill out slightly—now that’s the place the mushrooms are available….

There’s numerous people who find themselves uptight about intercourse. There’s numerous feminists—women and men—they believe should you discuss intercourse, otherwise you act sexual then you definitely’re being sexist. I feel numerous the ones individuals are prudes who’re hiding at the back of feminism. Or they’re complicated prudery with feminism. Sexism is whilst you’re no longer getting equivalent pay for equivalent paintings or whilst you assume that every one ladies are simply intercourse gadgets or whilst you assume that beating up ladies is OK. Everyone is a made from fucking. Everyone’s were given a tally-whacker. Individuals who get disillusioned about that—they’re extra frightened of the act of making existence than the act of destroying existence.

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I feel the vintage instance will be the film, Angel Center. They couldn’t display Mickey Rourke thrusting into Lisa Bonet, or it’d be rated “X” after which nobody would put it up for sale it. However they may be able to display numerous different stuff—other folks getting shot, blowed up, guts rolling out in their heads. We will be able to display a variety of destroying existence—and as soon as existence is destroyed it’s long gone—however we will’t display Mickey Rourke and Lisa Bonet going at it. Now not that I essentially wanna see Mickey Rourke’s previous dishevelled ass goin’ out and in—however good day, should you gotta be developing existence, Lisa Bonet is any individual you could wanna do it with! It’s a film, for god’s sake—it’s no longer like they’re in your home staring at you! When you don’t need anyone to peer you fucking, then shut the goddamn home windows!

If oldsters act like intercourse doesn’t exist, then their youngsters are all at a loss for words and the fogeys can’t communicate to them about it. I don’t know why individuals are so frightened of intercourse, it simply creates young children. It’s no longer adore it creates nuclear bombs. Everyone is programmed to check out to breed, regardless that no longer everyone is and no longer everyone desires to. When other folks aren’t frank about it, it simply confuses everyone. I grew up at a loss for words—hell, if my oldsters fucked, hell if I knew the place it took place! Intercourse is not anything to be frightened of. You don’t wanna be 14 and get pregnant until you need to, and also you don’t wanna catch some bizarre illness—deadly or no longer—simply large bumps everywhere your dick. It’s no other than consuming or taking a shit—it’s a part of existence. Someway the church were given concerned and sought after to show it into some mystical enjoy—and it may be. However taking a shit generally is a mystical enjoy too—I’ve had some truly nice shits.

Mojo On MTV

We made a video for “Debbie Gibson’s Pregnant with my Two-Headed Love Kid” and Winona [Ryder] performs Debbie Gibson and MTV wouldn’t display it. As a result of necessarily we’re making a laugh of Debbie Gibson and Rick Astley—”Rick Astley is a panty-waist”—is likely one of the traces from the track. We additionally make a laugh of Tiffany. MTV, in their very own swine-ish means, by no means got here out and mentioned, “Mojo, we will’t display this—we will’t make a laugh of those other folks.” As a result of I’d’ve mentioned, “Makin’ a laugh of those twits is what rock ’n’ roll’s all about.” However they only stored dicking me round. They by no means would pop out and say we couldn’t display this video. They’re vulnerable. I’m robust and so they’re vulnerable. After the Apocalypse and I’m main the rise up alliance, will there be any mercy?—I DOUBT IT!

Mojo On Don Henley And The State Of Rock ’N’ Roll

He’s an insipid dull twit. I don’t know if he will have to be castrated, however possibly spayed and neutered so he can’t reproduce. We’re no longer even gonna make a video for “Don Henley Should Die,” ’reason we all know they received’t display it. Don Henley’s on MTV at all times and he’s were given pseudo-serious dull, heartfelt songs. I feel Don Henley will have to combat Earnest—the Earnest Is going to Camp man. He desires to be earnest—hell, let him combat Earnest.

I’m getting some backlash from Don Henley, ’reason Don Henley’s this redneck from Texas. So we’re gonna have a struggle or combat or one thing. He simply heard the identify—I don’t know why he were given disillusioned, he can’t take a comic story—fuck him! It used to be rhetorical—I intended it spiritually. His wretched swine pig center…. He mentioned one thing to the impact that the track had no industrial possible and nobody would ever pay attention it. He implied that he used to be this million dealer super-hit artist and I used to be this small worm bothering him. I feel the tell-tale signal is that Don’s largest come-back is that [the song] doesn’t have any industrial possible. Don’s no longer inquisitive about writing excellent songs, he’s inquisitive about writing hits. And the ones are two totally various things. The trick, in rock ’n’ roll, is to write down an ideal track, that’s additionally a success. Like “Tutti-Frutti” or “Delight.” A track that’s unhealthy and wild and loopy. Any idiot could have a success with some roughly Billy Joel sing songy factor that nobody’ll take into accout. Paula Abdul has a success and 5 years from now nobody’s gonna be capable of hum phrase a kind of songs, ’reason they’re infrequently songs—they’re dances.

Mojo In The Motion pictures

There’s a Mojo film bobbing up—Citizen Mojo. The script is completed and expectantly we’ll in finding any person to finance it and shoot it somewhat quickly. However you by no means know with this film stuff. With data there’s me, the manufacturer, possibly 5 – 6 primary avid gamers and possibly $100,000. However for motion pictures there’s all the time a minimum of $1 million and 20 primary avid gamers and any considered one of them can prevent the entire thing lifeless. Growth! However I’m incubating on that….

I needed to write the script. I attempted to get Kinky Friedman to write down the script. Attempted to get Joe Bob Briggs to write down the script. And so they didn’t relatively perceive the shape so me and this different man, who’s a certified scriptwriter, wrote it. I gave him the tale and he put it into script shape. It’s relatively wild—in reality it comes to consuming psychedelic mushrooms. There’s a scene the place you’ll’t inform whether or not I’m hallucinating or no longer—identical to my display.

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I simply did this film known as Rock ‘N’ Roll Prime College Eternally, which is a remake of Rock ‘N’ Roll Prime College. Corey Feldman is in it and he were given busted for heroin the day after the wrap birthday party. I do a track in it: “Prime College is a Jail,” and I am getting to pull Corey Feldman throughout his little bed room. That’s meant to return out someday—meant to coincide along with his trial I feel.

Mojo On Censorship And Non-public Freedoms

When you don’t wanna pay attention to Two Are living Team, nobody’s gonna make you purchase the document, nobody’s gonna stay you from converting the radio station. All that censorship stuff has to do with both short of to keep watch over what folks do—that is totally un-American— other folks got here to The usa to escape from that. Or they would like the state to inform their kids, or folks’s kids, what to do. That’s no longer the state’s process, it’s the fogeys’ process. Oldsters need to be robust sufficient to do it. I feel this complete concept that 16- and 17-year-olds are blameless vessels of purity is lovely naive—even within the wilds of Iowa. Someone sufficiently old to breed is sufficiently old to start out taking duty for their very own existence. That’s what The usa’s meant to be about—so long as you don’t harm any individual—you’ll do the rest you goddamn need! It’s none in their industry! When you’re in your home and also you’ve were given bondage equipment on, and an inflatable sheep and also you’re operating round screaming out Madonna’s title—it’s no person’s industry.

Mojo On The Drug Conflict

Prohibition didn’t paintings within the ’20s and this Conflict on Medication ain’t gonna paintings now. It ain’t gonna paintings as a result of regardless of what number of weapons they get, regardless of what number of police they get, the drug guys are gonna get extra. That is as a result of the cash concerned. They’ve [the drug lords] were given much more cash. The law enforcement officials don’t need medication to be legalized. It’s large industry for them. They get new ships and vehicles and so they know they’re simplest catching ten p.c. The entire thing is truly ludicrous. It’s encouraging that an increasing number of allegedly first rate individuals are announcing that how one can remedy the drug downside is to legalize. Legalize all medication, put them beneath some roughly keep watch over. Anyone over 18, in the event that they wanna do medication, they stroll in, get a pamphlet announcing that is what cocaine will do to a few other folks. ’Reason cocaine isn’t totally addictive to everyone. Similar factor with alcohol. The similar factor is right with the rest. That’s the person’s downside—no longer the state’s.

The actual key to the legalization argument is that the whole lot they’ve carried out over the past 20 years hasn’t carried out shit. Not anything. If the rest, it’s getting worse. All of them say the drug downside’s getting worse—it’s a disaster—so that they’re in entire settlement. Their strategies were totally futile. It’s just like the flag-burning factor—it’s a smokescreen. There are numerous actual issues in The usa. This gangster factor might be eradicated the following day. Burning the flag isn’t a large downside. The nationwide debt is a large downside. The surroundings is a large downside. It’s the overall apathy of everybody.

The entire thing [Drug War] is insane. Cocaine is clearly very
addictive to numerous other folks and will reason numerous bother—however so can chainsaws. Folks gotta make their very own choices. The similar those who assume making medication unlawful is gonna remedy junkies are the similar those who assume making 2 Are living Team unlawful is gonna prevent youngsters from serious about fucking. Smartly, you aren’t gonna prevent youngsters from serious about fucking. We all know that. And everybody additionally is aware of that simply by making one thing unlawful doesn’t remedy dependancy….

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Mojo On Politics

Twenty p.c of other folks over 18 voted for George Bush. The others both didn’t vote or voted for any person else. And shortly, if issues don’t form up, they’re gonna be votin’ for me! And the rise up alliance. I’ll be the primary fair flesh presser—”Yeah, I fucked her and it used to be nice!” I’m a fucked up man, simply a normal American man. I’m no longer a saint. I’m no longer easiest. Me and my spouse have fights and combat within the yard and throw garden chairs at the roof. That’s why I feel we want a SEX MO-SHEEN within the White Space. Push the Love Button, no longer the Nuclear Button. Like I mentioned sooner than, if we spent much more time fucking and so much much less time killing, this may be so much happier position. To settle The usa there used to be numerous killing and slavery and preventing the Indians and the Mexicans—simply a large cluster-fuck. We want to transcend that into the wonderful orgy of the ’90s!


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