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The Top Occasions 710 Present Information of 2020

With 710 proper across the nook, the scramble is on for cool and helpful equipment for self-gifting or to select up for a pay attention gourmet for your existence. At all times your useful resource for the newest hashish-related merchandise, Top Occasions has assembled this reward information of things to make for an extra-elevated 710. Simply if you haven’t been introduced on top of things, July 10 has develop into the vacation for all issues dabbable and vapable as a result of shorthand for the date (710) reads as OIL (as in hashish or hash oil) the other way up. Whether or not wax, shatter, rosin, or budder is your sport, the very best accent could make your 710 particular.

The High Times 710 Gift Guide Of 2020

The High Times 710 Gift Guide Of 2020

Courtesy of G Pen

G PEN Roam

Take your concentrates at the pass with the G Pen Roam moveable vaporizer. With a spill-proof hydrotube to filter out your hit thru water, a quartz tank, virtual temperature keep watch over, and a strong 1,300 mAh battery, the G Pen Roam is straightforward to tailor on your warmth and taste personal tastes. Sturdy but moveable, the Roam options an aluminum alloy frame and may also be powered by way of its rechargeable battery or whilst plugged into an outlet.

The High Times 710 Gift Guide Of 2020

The High Times 710 Gift Guide Of 2020

Courtesy of Airgraft

Airgraft Vaporizer

The Airgraft Blank Vaporizer will provide you with the ease of a vape pen in a classy, high-tech moveable vape gadget. When used with Airgraft SecurePods stuffed with high quality oils produced by way of craft growers and extractors, the Airgraft cleanly vaporizes with 0 burn. Every Airgraft SecurePod is made with food-grade, heat-safe fabrics and a dynamic vapor engine that makes use of an optimum heating set of rules for each and every oil to make sure no combustion happens. With a novel identifier for each and every pod this is secured the usage of crypto requirements, Airgraft SecurePods are not possible to counterfeit. And with the Airgraft smartphone app, you’ve gotten get entry to to lab effects and information in your vaping enjoy, together with cannabinoid content material in keeping with draw.

The High Times 710 Gift Guide Of 2020

The High Times 710 Gift Guide Of 2020

Courtesy of XVape

XVape Vista Mini 2

Made by way of XVape, the Vista Mini 2 is a formidable moveable digital dab rig for vaporizing concentrates and oils. The reimagined design of the Vista Mini 2 comprises a surprising aesthetic sharp sufficient for a espresso desk with options present in vaporizers costing loads of greenbacks extra, together with 4 LED-indicated temperature settings, one-of-a-kind glass discovery carb cap, a removable bubbler, an simply replaceable solid-state crystal quartz atomizer, and wi-fi or USB charging.

The High Times 710 Gift Guide Of 2020

The High Times 710 Gift Guide Of 2020

Courtesy of Dip Gadgets

EVRI By means of Dip Gadgets

The Dip Gadgets EVRI three-in-one vape pen and torchless dab straw is a multi-functional intake instrument. The EVRI includes a tough battery that connects magnetically to an ever-evolving number of attachments, together with same old 510 oil cartridges and e-juice pods, or you’ll be able to eat concentrates at once from their container with the vapor tip attachment. Along with the 1% of gross sales made to the Marijuana Coverage Challenge and Scholars for Good Drug Coverage made by way of Dip Gadgets for all of its merchandise, an extra 1% of gross sales of the Black EVRI starter pack shall be donated to the NAACP Felony Protection Fund to lend a hand combat racial injustice.

The High Times 710 Gift Guide Of 2020

The High Times 710 Gift Guide Of 2020

Courtesy of Storz & Bickel

Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer

Storz & Bickel, maker of the vintage Volcano vaporizer, have upped their vape sport with the Volcano Hybrid. Like the unique, this style produces blank flavorful vapor by means of its convection heating chamber. Use the vintage balloon for savoring or sharing, or revel in resistance-free hits with the hookah-style whip. Simple-to-use controls and an LED thermometer show make surroundings the very best temperature for concentrates and flower a snap, or convey the controls into the palm of your hand with the Storz & Bickel browser-based app.

The High Times 710 Gift Guide Of 2020

The High Times 710 Gift Guide Of 2020

Courtesy of Dr. Dabber

Dr. Dabber Budder Cutter

Dealing with sticky concentrates comparable to wax and budder could be a messy operation, so convey extra keep watch over into your vaping existence with the Dr. Dabber Budder Cutter. With seven interchangeable pointers, this heated pay attention device is designed to heat concentrates to the very best temperature, permitting you to chop, portion, and cargo sticky waxes or viscous oils temporarily and simply. 

The High Times 710 Gift Guide Of 2020

The High Times 710 Gift Guide Of 2020

Courtesy of Upper Requirements

Upper Requirements Blazer Giant Shot Torch

Convey your rig as much as the very best temperature with the Upper Requirements Blazer Giant Shot Torch. That includes precision Jap engineering, the Giant Shot moveable anti-flare butane torch features a robust brass flame nozzle, fast piezo crystal ignition, actual flame keep watch over, and a removable base. Totally self-contained and conveyable, the Upper Requirements Giant Shot Torch will burn at 2500° F for greater than 35 mins with each and every butane fill.

The High Times 710 Gift Guide Of 2020

The High Times 710 Gift Guide Of 2020

Courtesy of Rio Professional

Rio Professional Transportable Dab Rig

With a integrated butane torch, the Rio Professional Transportable Dab Rig is the very best approach to take your dab sesh at the street. Designed for cold-start dabs, this to hand rig means that you can fill room-temperature dabs into the banger and hearth away. The tough butane torch is aligned completely with the quartz banger, permitting you to convey a cold-start dab as much as the right kind temperature in about 15 seconds and not using a battery and no energy cords. Whole with a quartz banger, carb cap, dab device, and elevate case, simply upload butane and your favourite pay attention and also you’re in a position to move.

The High Times 710 Gift Guide Of 2020

The High Times 710 Gift Guide Of 2020

Courtesy of Pulsar

Pulsar Axial Mini eNail Equipment

For highest dabs with out the trouble of a torch, the Pulsar Axial Mini eNail Equipment heats the integrated six-in-one hybrid quartz/titanium nail from the ground and the edges, generating even heating right through all of the floor. The Elite Collection Axial eNail Energy and Temperature Regulate Field includes a virtual show and push buttons for speedy and simple changes. Comes entire with 5-foot detachable energy twine, 4-foot heating coil twine, and titanium carb cap. Suitable with a variety of Pulsar Elite Collection eNail merchandise and different quartz or titanium nails.

The High Times 710 Gift Guide Of 2020

The High Times 710 Gift Guide Of 2020

Symbol by means of Amazon

Glob Mops

Stay your nail or banger glowing blank with Glob Mops cotton swabs to keep the beautiful flavors of your concentrates. Glob Mops characteristic 3 times the cotton as common cotton swabs for additonal absorbency and feature a strong wooden heart for additonal power and sturdiness. The twin-sided design gives one finish with a pointed tip for hard-to-reach spaces and a 2d rounded facet for absorbency. Glob Mops are made with 100% cotton this is wound 20 instances tighter than conventional cotton swabs to depart no fiber residue. Built of herbal cotton, bamboo, and wooden, Glob Mops are totally biodegradable.  

The High Times 710 Gift Guide Of 2020

The High Times 710 Gift Guide Of 2020

Courtesy of Moose Labs


Whilst the coronavirus has put a damper on maximum gatherings to rejoice 710 this yr, choosing up a MouthPeace is the very best approach to get ready for upcoming post-pandemic events. Designed to offer a hygienic barrier between your mouth and a shared rig or bong, the MouthPeace by way of Moose Labs is product of high quality silicone and is to be had for your collection of 16 colours, together with Rasta colours and glow-in-the-dark choices. Provided with a MouthPeace Filter out, resin, toxins, and tar are got rid of from the vapor or smoke by way of a triple-layer activated carbon filter out to offer blank and flavorful hits.

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Glad 710 From Top Occasions!


7 Carb Caps That’ll Make Your Head and Hash Oil Spin

As dabbing tools like quartz bangers continue to evolve, accessories like carb caps adapt to the newer needs of dabbers. Until recently, most carb caps were designed to simply fit the banger they were made for. The original caps for club bangers would hang over the top with a loose seal. Newer caps that provide complete seals quickly took over because they create a higher-pressure environment where more vaporization can occur at lower temperatures.

We’ve compiled a list of carb caps with a focus on function. If you’re looking for something custom to match your piece, you’re better off directly messaging a glass artist. 

Different Styles of Carb Caps

The two most common carb cap designs are bubble caps and “directional” airflow carb caps that look like flying saucers with nozzles at the bottom.

7 Carb Caps That'll Make Your Head and Hash Oil SpinAn example of a bubble (left) and directional flow carb cap (right) from Chad Bro Glass.

Quality Control Test

For the flying saucer style, you can test the quality of a seal by putting it on a banger with a perfectly level top. You can tell the top of a banger is completely level by placing the open side of the bucket on marble or another flat surface and blowing through the neck. If the top is completely level, air should be blowing back at you and not through gaps at the top of the bucket.

Once you’re sure you have a nail with a completely level top, place your cap on it, cover any holes on the cap–and blow through the joint of the banger. If no air leaks, you’ve got a carb cap with a perfect seal.

Terp Pearl Trend

We’ve reached a point where most caps do the same thing. However, there are a few designed with newer dabbing methods in mind. Pearls made of quartz, sapphire, ruby and more are becoming popular new dabbing accessories.

Terp Pearls in a Highly Educated Gavel with a Gordo Scientific GTR cap.

At first glance, one might assume they were just for show. However, with the right cap, the pearl(s) should spin fast, spreading the oil out to rapidly increase the surface area and hasten vaporization.

Best Flats for Spinning Pearls

If you’re still rocking a traditional club banger with a slanted top, a saucer-style carb cap is your best bet. In fact, it’s pretty much the only option if you want a complete seal. A bubble cap won’t work and caps that wrap around the top of the banger don’t provide a strong enough seal to really milk that rig without burning any oil.

The following saucer-style caps are all designed with terp-pearls in mind.

7 Carb Caps That'll Make Your Head and Hash Oil SpinPhoto Courtesy of Zach Brown Glass

Zach Brown Spinner

Price: $120.00

Zach Brown earned himself a top spot on last year’s Best Carb Caps of 2018 list because of his price point and commitment to quality control. “No seal, no deal” he says as he tosses handfuls of seemingly perfect caps into the trash on his Instagram page. 

Compared to every other cap we tried, we found Zack Brown’s spinner provided the best airflow for spinning pearls. It takes no effort to get the beads spinning and it eliminates the need to constantly twist the cap around. Harder inhales caused beads to vibrate audibly, with enough torque to move the rig.

Best of all, it provides a perfect seal on both slanted and flat top bangers with bevels. 

7 Carb Caps That'll Make Your Head and Hash Oil SpinPhoto Courtesy of Gordo Scientific

Gordo Scientific OG V2 Riptide

Price: $99.99

The Riptide by Gordo Scientific is a solid cap for both flat tops and original quartz club bangers. It predates the existence of terp pearls. However, when they started to appear, dabbers with riptides began to discover that some of them were able to spin the pearls without the need to turn the cap.

Now, Gordo Scientific tests each cap to ensure optimum function with beads. We’ve been able to use our riptide to spin up to 4 pearls at top speeds in a single flat-top banger.

Their latest cap is the Riptide Crosscurrent which features riptides in two opposite directions with more restriction.

Best Bubbles

Few bubbles are capable of spinning pearls, but they should all make complete seals with flat-top bangers. Some extend to adjust to various size bangers while others offer several airflow options.

7 Carb Caps That'll Make Your Head and Hash Oil SpinPhoto Courtesy of Gordo Scientific

Gordo Scientific x Highly Educated GTR

Price: $120.00

Gordo Scientific and Highly Educated are two companies bringing innovation to the way carb caps function. The concept of the GTR started with a blueprint sent from Highly Educated to Gordo Scientific.

Ahead of their time, Gordo’s original caps were made to spin or spread out a dab to increase surface area without the need to twist the cap around. Now, they’re made with the terp pearl trend in mind too.

On top of being one of the only bubbles capable of making pearls circle, their collaboration with Highly Educated comes with 3 options in terms of airflow. There’s a carb hole at the very top and another on the side. Covering one, the other or neither will each provide a different airflow, spinning beads or oil at different speeds and directions.

7 Carb Caps That'll Make Your Head and Hash Oil SpinPhoto Courtesy of Eternal Quartz

Eternal Marble Cap

Price: $50.00

Eternal Quartz has made a name for themselves with their wide-selection of quartz products made to enhance just about any dab set up. If you’re in the market for durability, their marble cap is one of the sturdiest around.

Heavy at the center, the marble cap is less likely to fall off of a banger or peak that has been slightly tilted. Even if it fell, the walls of the marble are thick enough to take a hit. There is no resistance when spinning the marble around the top of a quartz banger, granting users controlled airflow.

Finally, they make the same carb cap in a smaller size at the same price for the Peak by Puffco.

7 Carb Caps That'll Make Your Head and Hash Oil SpinPhoto Courtesy of Chad Bro Glass

Chad Bro Banger Ball

Price: $69.99

One of the most unique designs on the list is the Banger Ball by Chad Bro Glass. It spreads oils out without the need to twist the cap around.

However, it doesn’t milk as much when the nozzle is too far away from the puddle. So, it isn’t the best match for a tall flat-top banger. We found it paired best with Grails from Toro and other buckets with similar heights. Although it spins the oil without the need to be twisted, it will only move pearls around slightly and not in constant circles.

Chad Bro also makes the Banger Ball for the Puffco Peak.

Terpiscope Ball

7 Carb Caps That'll Make Your Head and Hash Oil SpinPhoto Courtesy of ZC Glass

Price: $50.00

There’s a good chance of your next banger not working as well with your old cap. Fortunately, there are some caps designed to fit as many bangers as possible. ZC Glass is constantly finding solutions to everyday problems for dabbers with peak attachments, cleaning stations, adapters and more.

Last year’s list featured their faceted saucer-style Terpiscope, with a nozzle that could be adjusted to go deeper or further away from the bottom of quartz buckets. This year, ZC Glass debuted the bubble cap version of the Terpiscope to sit comfortably in beveled, flat-top bangers.

7 Carb Caps That'll Make Your Head and Hash Oil SpinPhoto Courtesy of OG Quartz

OG Quartz Cap

Price: $40.00 

The unique design of OG Quartz bangers required a new style of carb cap to match. It reaches almost all the way down the deep bucket of an OG quartz banger and the airflow tornados oil into two separate puddles that spin opposite of each other.

We also found the airflow was powerful enough to spin pearls with ease. The cold-start method and spinning airflow make quick work of any pre-loaded extract. The only downside is this cap won’t be compatible with any other bangers.

Unless you have an extremely unique quartz banger, there should be something on this list that will match yours perfectly. Having a carb cap that properly seals could be the difference between tasting your terpenes and tasting burnt oil.